Saturday, October 7, 2017

Second Blog
I am learning about a young girl named Jessica McClure and her and some friends were outside playing and then Jessica fell in this abandoned well and didn’t come out until 2 days later. The reason why it was hard to get her out of the well because it was like 23 feet deep and dark she was all alone. I find this story really interesting because this is a book that some people can relate too and I love non fiction books like these. I can relate to this story when I was little my brother locked me in to a closet. I didn’t have no food no drinks no nothing and it was also dark in there my momma was looking for me. Then she finally saw me in the closest sleeping on the for with no covers and then she woke me up and said why was I in there. I told her that my brother put me in here and I guess he for got that I was in here. Then what my momma did was looking for my brother and she was like “ why did you put your brother in there” he said because he was getting on my nerves and she said that don’t mean you supposed to put him in the closet and leave him in there for two days what is wrong with you. So that’s what I can reflect on my life and this is why love non fictions books because I can relate to thinks like what happenes in the book. 

Friday, October 6, 2017

Baby Jessica McClure fell into an abandoned well and was there for more than two days. One day the first lady found to be suffering from breast cancer was to undergo surgery. Thats because people everywhere were caught up into crisis surrounding little jessica McClure. Jessica dramatic tale began not long before ten o'clock in the morning on wednesday, october 14. When Jessicas Mother was only 18 she helped out her aunt with the daycare center. Mrs. McClure went into the house for a moment when she heard the children in the backyard screaming. They screamed because jessica fell down a abandoned well shaft. Nobody knew how it happened. The opening to the well was about a size as the dinner plate.
      Rescue workers attached a flashlight to a tape measure and lowered it into the hole. When it stopped unrealling at about 22 feet. They also lowered a mircophone so they can hear what was going on down the well and see they can her Jessica.The only thing they heard  was " Mommy a police officer reported."The rest was just her crying and moaning. Jessica wasnt pulling up the officers were pulling Jessica from the well. Then that didnt work so the decided to dig another shaft parallel to the well.Then finally the found Jessica and the rescued her. Then the workers started to evacuate the area.The next day Jessica started to sing a whinne the pooh song.Jessica was really happy that she was out of that well